Southwest Michigan


Kalamazoo County
1st Thursday of every month @ 7pm
2401 Gull Road
St. Kalamazoo Mi 49048

Berrien County
3rd Thursday of each month. @ 7pm
Tryon School Community Center
910 East John Beers Road
St. Joseph, MI 49085  

All are welcome to attend.

Contact Info: 269.580.8290

FAN of Southwest Michigan - In 2012, the Community Coalition on Opiate and Heroin awareness established to increase awareness of the opiate and heroin use in the community.  It became apparent that there was a lack of community connections and available resources for families seeking out information and support.   Early 2014 the co-founders connected through both having lost a child to opiate overdose.  The Community Coalition on Opiate and Heroin Awareness became the advisory board for the chapter.   This coalition was active in helping to get the Narcan bill passed in 2014.  The Southwest Michigan chapter covers the following 8 counties; Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph and Van Buren.  Currently community meetings held in Kalamazoo and Calhoun Counties, other county community meetings will be added as the need arises.   The Southwest Michigan chapter became established in 2014.  
This video  Feeling Normal that was produced by Kalamazoo Drug Task Force


  President, Nancy King
 One of the co-founders for the Southwest Michigan Chapter.  Nancy's passion for prevention education goes back over 30 years.  The last 3 years Nancy has focused on increasing awareness of prescription drug use and heroin use in the community.  This focus tragically was the result of losing her 21 year old daughter to a heroin overdose.  She started the Community Coalition on Opiate and Heroin Awareness.  Nancy has her Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Services and a Certified Family Life Educator and recently became a Certified Professional, Life and Recovery Coach.  Nancy hopes to help break the stigma associated with opiate drug dependency, opening doors for recovery for families and those seeking recovery. 
  Vice President, Kristi Angelo
Kristi is a Michigan State Police Trooper, with over 20 years in law enforcement, whose career has had a focus on issues that affect communities, including child abuse, substance abuse and school safety.  In her role as a Community Services Trooper in West Michigan, she works with students and adults of all ages, teaching and giving presentations on a variety of subject such as sexting, bullying, elder abuse and the dangers of abusing prescription medications and street drugs. She is also involved in a variety of community organizations including the Subtance Abuse Council Meth/Medicine Abuse Task Force, the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Council and the Child Advocacy Review Board. She also participates in the Felony Drug and Sobriety Court.  In her duties as a law enforcement officer, she has seen first hand the results of alcohol and drug abuse on individuals, families and communities.  She has also experienced these effects in her personal life. In June of 2013, she lost a piece of her heart when her beloved son, Nicholas Grumeretz died due to an accidental overdose of prescription medication.  Her family lost a son, a brother and a father too soon, and her community lost a gifted and popular young man, talented in the production of electronic music. 
  Executive Treasurer, Lynda Tyria
Through Lynda's community involvement and her personal experience she knows that drug abuse does not discriminate.  She seen it tear families apart emotionally, spiritually and financially. Nothing can prepare you for the chaos when faced with the addiction of a loved one.  Over a year ago an opportunity came up for Lynda to join an amazing organization that helps incarcerated women with addictions to stay out of jail, get/stay clean and reunite with their families.  Most people are incarcerated for crimes they committed while intoxicated, or to get money for the drugs they use.  She is dedicated to making a difference in her community.  Lynda serves on several boards and is involved with many different organizations in the Kalamazoo- Van Buren County area.   She has been working in the financial world for 23 years and currently works for Old National Bank. 

Amy Jonatzke, Director
Amy, a registered nurse, feels that through her journey over the past 6 years, it has taught her to be a better, stronger, and more compassionate nurse and person.  Her journey into addiction started when her son, at age 16, became addicted to heroin.  Her passion to help others came out of her frustration to find help for her son.  She believes that by telling her story, providing education and raising community awareness that it can help to bring about change for those who are suffering with addiction. Addiction is a family disease and FAN gives a place for families and for those who are seeking or in recovery to receive the support and help needed.  Being a part of FAN has given her a way of giving back to those who have helped her, and to be a support to those who are currently on this journey.  Her goal is to help stop the stigma of addiction, provide support so no family feels alone and to work with the community to help fight against addiction.
  Chuck Walsh, Director
  Mary Springer, Director
Mary is a Downtown Development Coordinator, Festival Board Member, Entertainment Chair and most importantly Mother of two boys. She sees addiction as the greatest health problem now facing the American public and believes that we cannot change the staggering overdose statistics amongst our youth until we change the way we view addiction. Her focus is in the areas of addiction awareness and treatment as well as prison reform. She hopes to help break the stigma associated with addiction, educate the public on evidence based treatment, and provide resources and hope to those who are fighting for recovery or for those fighting for a friend or loved one suffering from the disease of addiction. Incarceration is not the answer for someone suffering from addiction. It only compounds the problems. Evidence Based Treatment, compassion and understanding are what are needed for successful recovery.
    NancyVanderRoest, Director
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