Past Leadership

All board and advisory members of FAN and FAN Chapters serve on a volunteer basis. This page is a tribute to those who have held a past leadership position. Thank you for your passion, dedication and the positive impact that you had on this organization.


Thank You For Your Past Leadership

Founding Chippewa County Chapter President, Lisa Gauthier

I have a 21 year old daughter presently incarcerated in the county jail and she is facing serious prison time due to methamphetamine drug charges.  My daughter was also addicted to opiates.  I personally do not feel that prison is the answer for her, but rather intensive rehabilitation would be much more beneficial for her.  I am extremely passionate about FAN making a difference in our community and raising awareness of the increasing drug epidemic.  I think it is important to educate the young people about the serious implications that their choices may have on them and their families.  I think of my daughter's well-being and future every day and I hope that one day she will be a productive member of society. Lisa continues to be an active member in the community and sits on the Advisory Board for the FAN Chippewa County Chapter.


Co Founder  Chippewa County Vice President, Shirley Farnquist
I am a retired Human Resource Manager and currently Business Manager for a local North American Hockey League.  I have been a resident of Chippewa County my entire life and am the mother of two sons, and two grandchildren; another grandchild is recently deceased.  I became interested in FAN after watching my son lose his job (and indeed himself) due to addiction, and after losing my granddaughter to a drug overdose.  Both were high functioning young adults gainfully employed in the community and respected by their co-workers, friends and families.   Addiction has torn my family apart.  If we keep even one grandparent, parent, or child from experiencing the terror, shame, humiliation, grief, and disbelief associated with such tragic circumstances, I truly believe that all of our hard work for FAN will not be in vain.



EDaniel Dancer, Director Okemos/Ingham Chapter 
In memory

July 2, 1958-July 2, 2014

Daniel Dancer assumed a Director's role in the founding and formation of the Okemos/Ingham County FAN Chapter.  His expertise in media/media relations proved to be instrumental in the immediate success of this chapter.  His suggestions and guidance helped bring the community together as a support system for the chapter creation and growth.

In all aspects of his life, Dan gave 110%.  He was a 31+ year member of AA, and in those 3+ decades, Dan provided much needed support and was a sponsor to and for dozens of people.  After his first heart attack in 2006, Dan said, in a letter to his family and friends, "Each breath and every heartbeat is a gift from God.  Family is everything.  We love them, learn from them, teach them and share with them.  Ultimately, we will miss them.  I am going to spend more time with mine."

Dan dedicated his life to his family, his friends, his work, and AA.  From his words, we all have the opportunity to live as he would: "With Faith is how I live without fear.  I receive Faith through Grace.  I thank God for this gift.  May God bless you as He has me

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