2nd Tuesday of the Month 7:00 - 9:00pm
Faith Christian Fellowship Church
69 W. Nepessing, Lapeer, MI 48446

All are welcome to attend.
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The Lapeer FAN Chapter was founded in response to a growing heroin problem in
Lapeer County. Prosecuting Attorney Byron Konschuh began a Heroin Task Force
with community professionals and community members to try to stem the growing
drug problem. Through this activity Byron was introduced to the Macomb FAN group. A few of the Macomb FAN members came to Lapeer in November 2011 to discuss the possibility of Lapeer becoming the first chapter. At the end of that meeting the attendees were asked if anyone would take a leadership role and Lapeer held their first meeting the very next month, December 2011. Our membership is growing slowly and includes parents affected by abuse and addiction, concerned citizens, law enforcement, school administrators, health professionals, and recovering addicts.

Families Against Narcotics works together to educate communities throughout Lapeer County on the specific dangers of abusing prescription opiate-base painkillers and to bring awareness of the growing heroin problem in our neighbors. 

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President, Peggy Patten
I became involved with the Lapeer branch of Families Against Narcotics as my son, Alex is a recovering heroin addict.   Despite my 25 years working in the criminal justice system I was ignorant to so much relating to addiction. When my family learned of Alex's addiction I was not at all prepared to respond to the crisis that now faced our family. Through my involvement with FAN I have been able to educate myself and others about addiction. I also wanted to be a part of educating other parents and the community to true face of addiction as opposed to how addicts are portrayed by the media and the movies. Not only has my involvement with FAN been a life saver for my family, I feel I am better able to assist the families I encounter through my work that are struggling with their addiction or that of their loved one. Lastly, I believe in the restoration of the addict to the community, which is also one of the goals of FAN. Our loved ones who are in recovery need and deserve our support.
Vice President, Tina Dinnan
Tina is a founding member of the Lapeer Chapter of FAN. Her son, Mitch, passed away from a prescription drug overdose in 2009. Before joining FAN she was doing drug awareness presentations in schools, churches, anywhere she could get an audience. Her passion now is to raise awareness so others do not experience the devastation that drugs bring. When she heard that the Lapeer Prosecuting Attorney was starting a Heroin Task Force, she called him to join which resulted in her association with the FAN organization. She has 35 years experience in the automotive industry.
Executive Secretary, Brenda Ruddock
I found the Lapeer Chapter of Families Against Narcotics about 3 years ago after learning that my son Clayton was a heroin addict. I am so thankful that I found FAN because they have been my strength throughout this horrible nightmare. I really don't know what I would have done without the wonderful people I have met. My son is in recovery at this time and I want to pay it forward by educating the community about drugs and the people who use them. The only way we are going to beat this disease is by working together and getting as much information out to the community as we can. I have found that FAN members are very dedicated to this and I very much want to be a part of it.
  Executive Treasurer, Tim Brady

Tim and his wife Karen joined FAN and Families Anonymous in 2011 after many years of struggling with an addicted daughter.  Nothing can prepare you for the chaos when faced with the addiction of a loved one.  These groups gave us the education we needed to improve our lives and assured us that we were not alone.  When recovering addicts come to FAN meetings and tell their story of addiction and what helped them overcome their demons, you gain perspective of the disease and you gain hope.  By working on our recovery as well, it helps your addicted loved one learn boundaries.  Education within the community is essential to overcome the struggles of addiction.

  Director, Alicia Kelley, RN

I became involved with the Lapeer chapter of Families Against Narcotics after my dear husband died from an accidental heroin overdose in June 2013.  He was only 28 years old and had been in recovery for 6 months.  My husband battled this demon for 3 1/2 years, with me by his side.  His dream was to ultimately become a drug counselor to help others not have to go through what he did.  Since losing him, I have a strong passion to help others by spreading awareness and educate the public on the opiate epidemic. My faith and intense grief led me to this group where I can do just that.  I am determined to make a difference.  My husband's dream of helping others will come true, only through me...  



Director, Cheri Pfeiffer

I became involved with FAN in 2013, after struggling in silence for many years as my son battled to recover from heroin addiction. When I was introduced to the three C's, I did not cause it, I couldn't control it and I could not cure it, I began the process of healing.  Educating myself on the disease of addiction has changed the way I communicate with and view my son.  In reaching out to the community through FAN, I hope to raise awareness about the disease and start to change the way our society views addiction.  There are our children and loved ones, who came from good homes and reserve to be given every resource available to recover from their disease.  I bring with me to FAN, 25 years of business management experience and the desire to see a change. 

Director, Sue Clement

I grew up in a family with serious addiction issues. Both of my parents were alcoholics and my brother has struggled throughout his life with drug addiction. I have experienced the destruction that addiction can cause in families. I believe that if there were no such thing as substance abuse, there would be very few people in the jails. Most people are incarcerated for crimes they committed while intoxicated, or to get money for drugs. For 11 years I worked as the Law Enforcement Liason through Lapeer Community Mental Health. Oftentimes people would get a start on their recovery through incarceration. I taught Fundamentals of Substance Abuse for several years at Oakland Community College.  Today I supervise the Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT) Program at Community Mental Health. This program serves individuals with both mental health issues and substance use disorders. I am employed as the Supervisor of Community Education and Prevention. I was happy to join the board of directors, because I believe in FAN. I have seen the help that families get when they come to the FAN meetings to talk about how addiction is impacting their life. Experienced members share their personal battles and the lessons they have learned. FAN reaches out to the community to raise awareness and to fight the stigma that individuals with addiction problems face.
Advisory Board, Judge Byron Konschuh
Bryon has been a leader in the Lapeer area since the 1980's; starting in private law practice in 1985 and moving into the Prosecuting Attorney area as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in 1988, promoted to Chief Assistant in 1992 and has been Chief PA since 2000. He was appointed the position of Circuit Court Judge in 2013.  Adding to his already impressive list of "Prosecutor and Crime Fighter of the Year awards" - Byron was named "Lapeer County Chamber of Commerce - Citizen of the Year for 2011 - in part because of his stand on dealing with the Opiate problem in the Lapeer area.
ADVISORY BOARD (Additional Members)
Robert Rapson
Undersheriff, Lapeer County Sheriff's Department
Pastor Lisa Saliga
Faith Christian Fellowship Church
Maya Gertsberg
Lapeer County Assistant Prosecutor
Pastor David Hudspeth
St. Matthew's Anglican Church
Mike Hobolth
Assistant Principal Lapeer High School
John Stahl
Former State Representative, Michigan
Justen Pfeiffer
Speaker in Recovery, FAN
Mark Leichliter
Attorney at Law
Lauren Brady
Speaker in Recovery, FAN
Thomas Kish
First Lieutenant/Lapeer Post Commander, Michigan State Police
Emily Botello
Speaker in Recovery, FAN
Jeff Erman
Alexa Evans
Speaker in Recovery, FAN
Paul Axon
Road Supervisor, Lapeer County EMS
Jason Parks
Detective/Sergeant, Lapeer County Sheriff's Department
Chris Hunt
Lapeer Alcohol and Drug Screening (LADS)


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