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Hogs for Hope Event

Families Against Narcotics of Chippewa County was founded in response to a growing misuse of prescription drugs in our community and surrounding area.  In 2009 a Prescription Drug Task Force was started when the Chippewa County Health Department and the Prosecuting Attorney's Office began to track the trend of prescription drug use/misuse.   With the help of a Prevention Grant, FAN of Fraser came to our area in April 2013 and gave several presentations.  This sparked a lot of interest with several concerned citizens.   Just days after the visit from FAN Fraser, a group began to organize community gatherings and share their experiences with drug addiction and the effects that it has had on their families and friends.  There were so many people with so many questions.  The passion at the weekly meetings was very real, and from that emotion, FAN of Chippewa County was born June 2013.  

Our membership includes parents and families affected by abuse and addiction, grandparents struggling to understand, concerned citizens, law enforcement, school administrators, health professionals, and recovering addicts.

Our goal is to educate those around us about this drug epidemic, bringing awareness to the forefront in hopes that even more people affected by this insidious problem will feel comfortable joining with us to facilitate a major change in our community.


Chapter President, Joe Claxton
I have lived in Sault Ste Marie, Chippewa County for 45 years.   I am a graduate of Sault Area High School and Lake Superior State University.    I have been in sales with O'Connor's Chrysler for almost 25 years.  I have a son who suffers from addiction.  With addiction, there are no road maps, no clear turns to take to find relief as it destroys those you love, your life, and diminishes your spirit. FAN is that beacon of hope, education and support that helps us to move forward.  With a strong marketing background and the willingness to do fundraising, I volunteered at my first FAN meeting to help raise the money we needed to become viable.  Thus Hogs for Hope, our main fundraiser was created and is thriving.  With a strong core of members we continue to raise money and awareness for FAN of Chippewa County.  This is an effort and a group I am proud to be a part of.
Vice President, Ciara Krantz
I am a PROUD recovering addict and the daughter of a long term addicted mother who sadly lost her battle in September of 2012. I have been in recovery since April of 2013, and I owe my life and the amazing journey it started me on to my Nurse Practitioner, Catherine Worden.  She gave me a chance when no one else would, never judged me, and never gave up on me. I originally joined FAN for my mother and I felt that I desperately needed to give back to my community. It took me months to go to my first meeting. I felt as though the group might be filled with grieving parents who looked at me as the enemy, even though I was still grieving myself. What I found, when I finally attended, was a group of like minded individuals who embraced me with open arms. Even in recovery, you still feel like a second class citizen. It felt amazing to feel needed and wanted and I quickly realized I was in the right place.  Working with FAN and the recovery community is my passion. I feel God has a plan for all of us, and this is truly what I was meant to do. I later became an ambassador for REAL Michigan and realized how ill equipped and under funded the U.P.'s recovery resources are. It has become my mission to work with FAN in changing that. I have been working on a Peer Recovery Coaching initiative for the past year and a half, and I think the next six months will be crucial for that. I see amazing and big things on the horizon for our chapter, and I am so incredibly proud to be a part of this dedicated group.  
Executive Secretary, Lynn Farnquist
I am a retired high school teacher and recovering co-dependent.  I have lived in Chippewa County since 1973  My children are grown, but I have three grandchildren in Sault Ste. Marie yet and I am concerned about things I am hearing from them with regard to what they are seeing among their friends at the high school and middle school.  My hope is that our FAN organization will connect with these young people before they destroy their lives needlessly.
Executive Treasurer, Shelia Hammock
I have been a member of Families against Narcotics since it started in the early developing stages.  I have been working Hogs for Hope as a Volunteer Coordinator.  
Lisa Gauthier, Director
I have a 21 year old daughter presently incarcerated in the county jail and she is facing serious prison time due to methamphetamine drug charges.  My daughter was also addicted to opiates.  I personally do not feel that prison is the answer for her, but rather intensive rehabilitation would be much more beneficial for her.  I am extremely passionate about FAN making a difference in our community and raising awareness of the increasing drug epidemic.  I think it is important to educate the young people about the serious implications that their choices may have on them and their families.  I think of my daughter's well-being and future every day and I hope that one day she will be a productive member of society. 
  Anna Bonacci-Slater, Director
  Joy Wondergem, Director
Shirley Farnquist, Director
I am a retired Human Resource Manager and currently Business Manager for a local North American Hockey League.  I have been a resident of Chippewa County my entire life and am the mother of two sons, and two grandchildren; another grandchild is recently deceased.  I became interested in FAN after watching my son lose his job (and indeed himself) due to addiction, and after losing my granddaughter to a drug overdose.  Both were high functioning young adults gainfully employed in the community and respected by their co-workers, friends and families.   Addiction has torn my family apart.  If we keep even one grandparent, parent, or child from experiencing the terror, shame, humiliation, grief, and disbelief associated with such tragic circumstances, I truly believe that all of our hard work for FAN will not be in vain.

Shane Albrecht
Concerned Citizen

Ailene Bitnar
Michigan State Police Trooper

Eric G. Blubaugh
Chippewa County Attorney Magistrate

Kareen Brown
Concerned parent

Linda Christie
Retired MDOC and Person in Recovery

Joan Claxton
Concerned Citizen, Parent of Son in Recovery

Matthew Cupp
Person in Recovery

Jay Gage
Sault Ste. Marie City Commissioner

Stephanie Gordon
Field Supervisor, Michigan Department of Corrections

Dr. Timothy Hall
Superintendent Sault Ste. Marie Area Public Schools 

David Jahn
Chief Executive Officer War Memorial Hospital

Christine Lundquist
Chippewa County Health Department

Denise Lyons
Concerned Citizen

Sherrie Lucas
Mother of person in recovery

Mike McLeod
Person in recovery

LouAnn Miller
Service Coordinator KMG Prestige  

Dennis J. McShane
Chippewa County Prosecuting Attorney

Jeannie O'Brien
Concerned Citizen

Bob Pennington
Person in recovery

Karen Senkus
Prevention Coordinator, Chippewa County Health Department





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