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2nd Thursday of each month @ 6:30
Colonial Woods Missionary Church
3240 Pine Grove Ave,
Port Huron, MI 48060 

All are welcome to attend.
Contact Info: 810.434.8687

Blue Water Area Families Against Narcotics was founded in response to the overwhelming number of lives affected by prescription drug abuse, heroin, and methamphetamine in St. Clair County.  Throughout 2014, the local newspaper published multiple front-page articles referencing the scope and impact of the county's drug problem.  Yet, the community continued to search for answers.  Many were aware of the problem, but we needed a solution.  People yearned for answers.  They needed hope.  Seeing first hand the successes of the Fraser chapter, the co-founders began to meet weekly to discuss their ideas, hopes, and goals.  We reached out to the community, and the support received was overwhelmingly positive.  With the help of the Ingham County and Fraser Chapters, Blue Water Area FAN began to come together.  In a matter of months, we were able to establish our executive and advisory boards.  Our public forum was officially launched on December 11th, 2014.  

Our membership continues to grow, and includes parents and loved ones affected by abuse and addiction, concerned citizens, law enforcement, health professionals, and recovering addicts.  Through the use of guest speakers and personal stories, we aim to raise awareness and provide education.  Our monthly forum offers a support network for those affected by addiction.  Collaboratively, we seek to erase the stigma and educate our community about the new face of addiction.  


President, Howard Colby
Howard is one of the co-founders of Blue Water Area FAN. Howard spent over 18 years of his life in the drug world as a drug user and drug dealer. He has used last 29 years of his life by using his Faith in God as a Pastor and Master's degree in counseling helping others fighting addiction. Howard has developed  used faith based programs along with non-faith-based programs in reaching people where they are to help them find freedom.
  Vice President, Melissa Latham

Melissa is a lifelong resident of St. Clair County, and co-founder of the Blue Water Area FAN chapter.  As an adolescent and young adult, Melissa weathered many storms, stuggling with both cocaine and heroin addiction.   In 2007, she became involved with the Fraser chapter as a member of the recovery community.   Embracing the vision and collaboration she saw throughout FAN during the early years of her own recovery, Melissa aspired to do more.  In 2010, Melissa graduated from Oakland University with a Master's Degree in Counseling.   She is now certified as an advanced alcohol and drug counselor, providing treatment services at both the residential and outpatient levels of care.   As a therapist, family member, and recovering person, Melissa hopes to raise awareness in the Blue Water Area and carry the message of hope; that no addict, no family member, and no community needs to suffer alone. 
ExecutiveSecretary, Hillary Cole
  ExecutiveTreasurer, Robert Amon

Robert  is a twenty-two year veteran of financial management.  As a CPA, he has developed a proven track record of accomplishing business strategies in a variety of environments while achieving increased profitability by enhancing best practices, strengthening internal controls, and acting as a change leader.  He has had the opportunity to work directly for and learned from some of the most respected financial managers in the automotive industry.  Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree from CMU.  Most recently, Robert was the CFO of Landmark Academy.   He lives in Avoca with his wife Pam and four children.  Robert serves as the Treasurer for the Blue Water Area FAN Chapter.
Lieutenant Roger Wesch, Director
Lieutenant Roger Wesch is a Patrol Lieutenant with the Port Huron Police Department.  He is a 21-year veteran of the department and has seen first hand the devastating effects opiate addictions have on the community.  His police experience includes assignments in road patrol, the traffic bureau, community services and the schools as a School Resource Officer.  Lieutenant Wesch serves as a Director for the Blue Water Area Families Against Narcotics chapter, and collaboratively works with the community to promote drug awareness, prevention, and education.
Debbie Biernot, Director
  Jamie Smith, Director

Michael Reaves
Chief of Police Port Huron

Michael D.Wendling
St.Clair County Prosecutor

Hon.Cindy Platzer
District Judge
Tim Donellon
St. Clair County
Sheriff Dept.
Tom Riley

St. Clair County Commissioner
Tom Seppo
Operation Transformation                            
Dale Voss       



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